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Which Type of Bitcoin Casino To Choose?

888cryptopoker.com position on the market of bitcoin casinos


Perhaps there is not a single person who has never heard of Bitcoin – world’s most popular cryptocurrency. For those who has not – Bitcoin is a peer to peer money transfer system, whereas all transactions are taking place without any mediators.


It means that neither banks nor tax authorities are unable to block or track a completed transaction – its fully anonymous. Payments travel very fast, with a very low or none fee.


Therefore it’s no surprise that gambling has quickly endorsed crypto poker rooms presenting the opportunities to play bitcoin poker for instance. In contrast to the past few years, it became way easier to find those rooms, however the game is still bearing considerable risks.


PokerStars has started a discussion on adding coin poker to their system in late 2014. However anonymity and “uncertain status” of Bitcoin became a barrier for implementation, since this currency is often engaged in criminal activities. Thus, PokerStars are still not there with the Bitcoin, for the sake of their reputation.


888cryptopoker.com however identified the opportunity in crypto casino and become one of the first in the web to operate with Bitcoin. Nowadays, more and more rooms are emerging but this entity can be broken down into two segments:


– rooms to receive Bitcoin deposits

– rooms to make Bitcoin bets in the game


Let’s take a closer look at each of them.



Crypto poker rooms receiving Bitcoins as a deposit


This is a major group of bitcoin poker sites which accept crypto deposit however not presenting the cryptocurrency game table. The room simply converts your bitcoins into euros or dollars to play behind the regular currency tables. Besides rooms themselves, popular payment systems and poker developers are willing to exchange the bitcoins.


Rooms with actual bitcoin tables


It appears a bit more sophisticated to find such a poker room. Many of those who intended to use exclusively Bitcoins to benefit from the currency’s skyrocketing growth, have shut down. 888cryptopoker.com is one of the few who managed to survive – we will analyze it further on.


888cryptopoker.com cryptocurrency poker room


Only micro limits are allowed for the game in this room. Players mostly prefer playing Holdem behind the tables $0,02/$0,04, Omaha Pot-Limit and even Chinese Poker. Sometimes, very rarely though, you may find Sit&Go players in the room.


Why should you be concerned about playing Bitcoin poker?


Like it was mentioned in the beginning of this article, there several risks which are not ultimately restraining you from playing bitcoin poker however are still worth of considering while selecting the room.


Such rooms very often have no licensing. Therefore you have no guarantee there is no bots, super users or hacked random number generators on the other side of the screen.


Low reliability level. Bitcoin rooms have the tendency of shutting down way to often – in the course of a year. Those who were eliminated with force, usually re-open under another name, surely with no certification again.


Unstable exchange rate. Bitcoin proves to be quite fluctuating currency thus adding more risks.


With that in mind, we recommend you to think twice while choosing the bitcoin poker room, if it is not for 888cryptopoker.com!


Join the room today and feel stress free for your cryptocurrency and just enjoy the game!